In our economic research we employ experimental methods in the lab and in the field. Below, you can find a selection of recent publications by researchers at FLEX. These publications document the large variety of topics in experimental economics and the diverse interests of researchers in our group.

FLEX has a state-of-the-art computer lab equipped with 25 independent workstations and two servers. Experiments are typically run with z-Tree or oTree. In addition, FLEX has a secure, firewall protected online server for conducting experiments via the Internet. Most participants in our experiments are students from Goethe University, but we also run many experiments with participants from other groups and contexts. The student subject pool, which consists of thousands of students from different disciplines, is organized with ORSEE.

Researchers at FLEX are involved in a number of activities, e.g., the FLEX Grüneburgseminar, the Applied Microeconomics and Organization Seminar, and several other workshops and events. Please find here a list of recent events and activities as well as media articles.

FLEX also administers the Goethe Study Panel.

New Publications