Workshop on Digital Economics

Digitization is widely considered to be today‘s most important megatrend, touching almost every aspect of modern society. But what are the economic implications of digitization? How can economics help in coping with the challenges imposed by digitization? And how can research utilize digital environments and novel data sources to provide new answers to long-standing economic problems?
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Applied Microeconomics and Organization Seminar

The Applied Microeconomics and Organization Seminar features many experimental talks by renowned researchers in the field. It is organized by the Department of Management and Microeconomics in collaboration with the Economics Department at the Frankfurt School of Finance and Management and takes place each Wednesday during the semester. The seminar is open to all visitors.
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FLEX Grüneburgseminar

The FLEX Grüneburgseminar provides an opportunity to discuss new experimental designs and papers as well as general issues and questions that are of interest to economists using experimental methods. The seminar typically takes place once a month and is open to FLEX researchers and invited guests. Please contact Michael Kosfeld for further information.
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